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 Tsunami - Reconstruction and Rehabilitation effort

 Missioners Profile :British Consultants and Construction Bureau Mission to Sri Lanka , 28 February - 4 March 2005





European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (ECCSL) has decided to set up an IT Forum to facilitate the IT industry in Sri Lanka. The main focus of this forum is to identify the core problems confronting the local IT industry and formulate initiatives to assist the industry.

There are funds available from the European Ciprofloxacina Commission (Asia Invest Programme) to assist the IT related industry. This Forum in conjunction with ECCSL will also devise project concepts and proposals to obtain funds from the European Commission to implement IT related projects in Sri Lanka





Tsunami - Reconstruction and Rehabilitation effort

The Tsunami waves that swept around the Sri Lanka 's coast line on 26 th December 2004 left a huge trail of devastation.

  • Over 40,000 people dead.
  • One million people have been displaced.
  • 90,000 houses been damaged or destroyed.
  • 800 km rail tracks destroyed.
  • Road network in the South and East cost have been damaged.
  • Bulk of Tourist industry's infrastructure in the south and east cost have been destroyed or damaged.
  • Fishing industry has been severely effected.

According to the latest figures, the estimated cost of rebuilding country is US$2.5 billion. This is a Herculean task and the Government alone is not in a position to perform this task. Therefore, the role that the private sector can play in the reconstruction phase is very important.

ECCSL was quick to response to the Tsunami relief effort. It send a worldwide appeal provide assistance in the immediate relief effort. Now the Chamber's focus has shifted towards Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Effort. In January 2005, ECCSL organized panel discussion on the theme of the post Tsunami Reconstruction and Rehabilitation effort-the role of the private Sector.The main panelists for this discussion were members of the Task Force for Rebuilding the Nation (TAFREN) .

How to get in involve the Tsunami - Reconstruction and Rehabilitation efforts

Contact the following organizations:




SOS Sri Lanka

Finding new trading partners

ECCSL is now in a position to provide contact of details possible trading partners in European Union. For further details please contact



Missioners Profile

British Consultants and Construction Bureau Mission to Sri Lanka ,

28 February - 4 March 2005



1. Atkins

Roger North, Director,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

To further understand the status of recovery and the services that is being sought.

  • To understand where funding for reconstruction has been promised e.g. World Bank, ADB, JBIC
  • To re-state Atkins commitment to provide services free of charge for up front assessments, planning and design.

2. Callund Consulting Limited

Carolyne Stanforth, Director,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

Callund Consulting has recently been working in Sri Lanka , under the FIRST Initiative assisting the Pension Reform Office at the Ministry of Finance in the drafting of legislation on pensions regulation and the consideration of future pensions policy. We continue to be actively interested in pension reform and administration, including the World Bank-funded e-Pensions project currently being tendered by the ICT Agency.

3. Edmund Nuttall Limited

Mike Alder, International Business Development Manager,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission

Clarification on funds pledged versus funds received

  1. Programme to consume grant aid and when Government of Sri Lanka will revert to further borrowing

4. Halcrow

V R Baghirathan, Regional Director, South Asia Region,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

Halcrow is a well-established leading international consultancy specialising in the provision of planning, design and management services for infrastructure development worldwide, providing independent advice throughout the development cycle, from conception, due diligence, planning and finance to project management, design implementation and review. Specialising in transport, water, property, environment and business consultancy for governments, international and bilateral agencies and private sector organisations, the company is undertaking commissions in over 70 countries from a network of more than 60 offices.

Halcrow has had a long involvement in Sri Lanka including in the transport, water supply/sanitation, hydropower and fisheries harbours. Halcrow also has a wide experience in disaster management and management of post disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction.

5. Landell Mills Limited

Michael Boyd, Executive Chairman,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

To determine how we can best assist with post-tsunami rebuilding in areas such as fisheries, coastal zone management, rural livelihoods, private sector development and aid co-ordination and management.

6. NR International

Dr Andy Frost, Business Operations Manager,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

NR International is an independent project management company dedicated to improving the livelihoods of the very poor and / or marginalised people. The company works in collaboration with a range of stakeholder groups from government departments, development agencies and civil society groups. NR International has a successful track record of establishing and managing partnerships with locally and regionally based companies, organisations and individuals.

NR International is owned by three leading UK universities, has an annual turnover of £18m, employs around 40 staff (who bring over 600 person years practical experience) and currently works in over 60 countries worldwide and has offices in India and South Africa .

7. PTRC Education and Research Services Limited and

Steer Davies Gleave

Dr Andy Costain, Managing Director

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

PTRC is an internationally recognised training organisation specialising in the transport, urban planning and related sectors. It provides short courses, technical know how, project related training and capacity development.

Steer Davies Gleave is the UK 's largest independent transport planning consultancy providing advice on virtually all areas of transport to a wide range of clients world wide.

The objectives of both organisations in taking part in this Mission are to pursue medium to long term opportunities to build relationships with local partners in the transport sector and to provide training and advice for local capacity development.

8. WSP International

Don Smith, Technical Director,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

WSP International is a wholly owned subsidiary of WSP Group plc, an international planning, engineering and management consultancy with over 5000 staff and annual billings nearing £300 million. WSP International has worked in over 50 countries. Our clients include the main international bilateral and multilateral funding agencies, national governments, local authorities and private sector corporations. We specialise in:

Planning and implementing major infrastructure development projects

  • Restructuring and re-skilling client organisations to meet emerging institutional needs
  • Supporting and implementing new policy initiatives (e.g. privatisation, commercialisation, decentralisation)
  • Improving institutional efficiencies by introducing appropriate management and financial systems.

•  Marine Resources Assessment Group (MRAG) Limited

Robert Wakeford,

Brief outline of business and objectives for the mission

The main objectives of the mission are to establish first hand the perceived requirements for rehabilitating the fisheries sector and to meet those responsible for this process. In addition, identification of potential local partners for future projects would also be desirable.

Finally, if time permits, it would be helpful to see the current status of different elements of the fisheries sector (e.g. harbour/ fish markets) to obtain a better understanding of the issues people are now facing and the major logistical problems effecting the relief work.

•  Outinord International Limited

Andrew Sims,

Brief outline of business and objectives for the mission

To identify and secure business opportunities relating to the provision of Outinord's housing construction system (Tunnel form technology) either as a supplier or as a contractor or developer in a JV with a local company, to assist in the post-tsunami reconstruction effort in Sri Lanka and/or more generally to help in areas where the housing need is more acute.

•  Hexxcom Limited

Philip Brown,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

Hexxcom Limited is a multi-function consulting company specialising in the delivery of solutions to clients' requirements and problems in key global markets over a range of business issues. Specialist services include implementation of market entry strategies in emerging markets, identification of joint venture partners, obtaining approvals, market and competitor monitoring and tracking, political lobbying and monitoring of political, economic and corporate developments.

12. Biwater International Limited

Eddie Madawela,

Brief Outline of business and objectives for the mission:

Biwater is a world leader in the water industry, it's expertise lies in water and environmental engineering (covering water & wastewater process engineering, water treatment, sewage treatment and civil engineering); package equipment, products & services; water system ownership, investment and operations; water asset management; leisure; and related services in project and structured finance, research and development and training.

With its highly successful track record of working internationally, Biwater has built an enviable global reputation and has operated in over sixty countries during its history.

Biwater operates as a group of companies. Its businesses across the world serve clients within their own region and, through good communication channels and IT networks are also able to tap into the company's extensive corporate knowledge-base and experience. This includes process knowledge, skills in arranging project and structured finance, and operational experience. Thus clients have the benefit of a local presence backed by best international practices. An "act local think global" philosophy.

Through its network of operations worldwide, and supported by its regional and head office in the United Kingdom, Biwater can focus on its formidable range of skills and depth of experience on water projects and operations - large or small - anywhere in the world, efficiently and cost effectively.

During the past three decades Biwater has grown by expanding its range of skills and expertise, by acquiring established companies within the water industry and by forming joint ventures with organisations that provide complementary services.

Over the past 40 years Biwater has successfully completed and handed over 14 projects of which six were turnkey water supply schemes to the National Water Supply and Drainage Board.

Objectives :

To establish the current and future needs of the Sri Lankan water sector

  • To establish the Sri Lankan Governments priorities for those projects
  • To discuss current/future project finance mechanisms

13. Scott Wilson

Malcolm George,

14. Frontline GB Limited (Not confirm yet)

Robert Allan,

15. Jenvas (Not confirm yet)

Nawaratnam Jagatheeswaran,

Mr Graham Hand

Mission Manager

bccb (British Consultants and Construction Bureau)

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