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The European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka was founded in 1996. Its primary objective is to stimulate, strengthen and promote economic and business relations between Sri Lanka and the 27 member countries of the European Union. ECCSL broadly seeks to provide, inter-alia, efficient and professional information, advisory, consultative, promotional and representative linkages between Sri Lankan and European business entities. ECCSL has today emerged as a dynamic association of European and local companies Kamagrafarmacia.it conducting business in Sri Lanka. The quality and scope of commercial interests represented in the membership, reflects the consolidation of its strong presence in Sri Lanka.

The European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka acts as a facilitator between the European and Sri Lankan business communities. Its main objectives are as follows -

  • To contribute to trade and investment flows between member states of the European Union and Sri Lanka, and foster business co-operation between these countries and Sri Lanka.
  • To promote investment and commercial interests of companies and individuals residing in the member states of the European Union and in Sri Lanka.
  • To collect and disseminate key market statistics and other information on trade and industry to its members.
  • To maintain uniformity and clarity of rules and practices concerning commerce, industry and trade and act on particular issues that affect the European and Sri Lankan business and industrial relations.
  • To increase and sustain member interests in trade and industry and assist companies in Europe and Sri Lanka to establish long-term commercial links and partnerships.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas on commerce, industry and trade between Sri Lanka and the member countries of the European Union.
  • To exchange
    opinions and views and maintain cordial relations with other Chambers of Commerce and similar associations in Sri Lanka, the Asian region, and with the member states of the European Union.


Access to Market Information

Market information is a key factor to the successful entry into any market. ECCSL provides access to the latest market information to assist members and clients in making the right business decisions. This is achieved by providing commercially relevant data on economic, legal, technical, financial and market information that is needed to assist the investment and trade planning decisions of individuals and companies in the European Union and Sri Lanka.

Addresses, Contacts & Representation

By accessing its databases, the ECCSL provides market research and up-to-date information on both government and private sector industries/companies. ECCSL is able to provide representation for its members in all business-related matters - business negotiations, commercial and trade activities. It is also able to mediate with business partners as a representative office for its members and clients.


ECCSL facilitates introductions to government departments/agencies for European businesspersons visiting Sri Lanka.

Business Missions/ Trade Fairs & Introductions

ECCSL is able to expedite all aspects of business visits to Europe and co-ordinates and assists missions of European business persons to Sri Lanka. Business briefings are conducted for the visiting parties to and from Europe. The Chamber schedules appointments with companies and authorities, accompany members/clients for the meetings, and even arrange flight and hotel bookings when requested. ECCSL provides information on trade fairs held in Sri Lanka and Europe. It undertakes representation of its members at major trade fairs upon request. Commercial introductions to counterparts are organized with the assistance of sector-specific consultants.

Business Links / Opportunities & ECCSL Consultants

ECCSL fosters close links with other local and foreign Chambers and business organisations. Benefits accruing from these links are offered to ECCSL members. Information pertaining to business opportunities in Europe and Sri Lanka are provided to ECCSL members at request. ECCSL provides linkages to consultants who are able to undertake sector-specific studies to meet urgent individual business needs.

Promotions / Seminars / Workshops

Members and clients are assisted to promote their products and services through advertising, fax marketing and catalogue exhibitions. Regular seminars that focus on European issues (e.g. dealing with the Euro, EC regulations) and other commonly requested sector-specific topics that relate to the conduct of business with Europe are carried out by the Chamber for its members.

Media & Public Relations

ECCSL liaises with the local media channels and submit features on European issues for regular publication in local newspapers. Press conferences are arranged for clients when needed. ECCSL is able to undertake business receptions, workshops, conferences, congresses and other events for any number of guests/participants; from written invitations, to interpreters.

EBIC discount card

Members can subscribe to the EBICard at priviledged rates. This card offers discounts in more than 100 establishments throughout Sri Lanka such as hotels, restaurants, shops, sports facilities, etc.


  • ECCSL members have priority access to information on European investment and business opportunities, local market information, and enterprise data.

  • Inquiries made by Chamber members are given priority over non-members and circulated among potential European partners;

  • Members can apply for Asia-Invest financing programmes of the European Commission, via the Chamber;

  • Company profiles of the Chamber members are featured free of charge in the ECCSL and EBIC web pages as well as in all trade directories published by the Chamber. The ECCSL and EBIC (European Business Information Centre) web pages will be linked to other web sites of trade chambers in the 15 EU countries, thus giving maximum exposure in Europe to Chamber members.

  • Members of the Chamber are able to participate freely in business delegations to Europe organized by ECCSL or EBIC. Assistance on aspects of business travel, introduction to European counterparts; business briefings; etc. are obtainable by its members. Chamber members are exempt from the mandatory registration fee for inclusion to business delegations organized by ECCSL.

  • Members receive a concession on registration fees for participation in seminars and workshops organised by the ECCSL and EBIC

  • ECCSL members have free access to the ECCSL/EBIC Documentation Centre.

  • ECCSL members receive its quarterly newsletter free of charge. The newsletter contains information on the Chamber activities and events that are beneficial to individual companies such as business/trade related seminars; luncheon meetings; cocktails; organisation of outbound and inbound delegations; participation and representation of companies in trade fairs; information on business opportunities and EC legislation.


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